gPARSEC is the greater Pottstown Area Robotic, Science, and Engineering Community. Our goal is to create a Center of Excellence for robotics and other related programs in the Greater Pottstown area. The Center will have enough space, equipment, volunteers and finances to meet the needs of all local robotic and engineering clubs. gPARSEC was started as an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for area teams. 

A primary long term goal is to establish a robotics team on behalf of every school in the Greater Pottstown area, including the school districts of Owen J Roberts, Pottstown, Phoenixville, Pottsgrove, Boyertown, Daniel Boone, and SpringFord. Involvement is not limited to just schools — many teams start in a living room or garage. We are here to help however we can! gPARSEC and Videoray have created a partnership to provide space in Pottstown where teams can come for help and mentoring.

Additionally, gPARSEC will soon offer resources, including:

  • Creation of your own team
  • Fund raising
  • Machine shop assistance
  • Participation in robotics events
  • Mentoring services

gPARSEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable corporation entirely staffed by volunteers so all fund raising dollars can be donated and assigned to your teams. It is not our goal to replace or manage your robotics club. We are here to enhance your program or help you establish what we believe to be one of the most exciting opportunities for students excited about STEM.